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Letting a friend (non certified) be the agent to my flat

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I live overseas so I know I have to have a 3rd party located in the UK be the agent. If the "agent" is someone not professionally certified, would that affect the duty of care (or whatever the legal phrase is) when instructing my agent to perform necessary tasks?

Here is the scenario.

I have a friend who lives in the same city as the flat. She has a 20 something son who lives with his girlfriend. She asked me once how much rent was I looking for. After I told her, she said that was more than they were paying. Of course, the expected rent I'm hoping to charge is in also in view of covering the estate agent's commission.

So if I were to appoint her as agent in the event that her son and girlfriend rent it, what sort of legal implications would that have should the usual reasons for giving notice arise (ie non payment of rent; anti social behavior..... etc)

I will of course treat them like any other tenant, ie taking deposit; creating appropriate account for the deposit; etc)

And as agent, I would remind her to get the yearly certifications (ie boiler) and ask her to take care of any issue that her son reports on and reimburse her when she incurs a cost.

Is this a safe arrangement among friends to make? Has anyone else done something similar? Any experience, direct or vicarious, I would be interested in knowing about.

16/10/2019 20:47

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