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Section 20, Hoilday let 3 unit property

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We are the freeholder, managers of a holiday let property by the sea.
The property is over 100 years old, the boundary wall has become very unsafe and we believe for Health and Safety reasons that the wall should be taken down and rebuilt with proper foundations, using as many of the original bricks and in the style currently in situ. We have a lessee who having known about our decision for 4 months has decided that as we have not consulted him via a Section 20 Notice, at the eleventh hour prior to the work commencing that he would do his own investigation into repairing part of the wall as it is, using a rod type repair and has threatened us that if we go ahead with the proposed work he will only pay the 250 as per the Section 20 for non-consultation. We believe that we have given him notice that the work needs to be carried out, although for 2-3 months he argued that there was nothing wrong with the wall, but has since acknowledged that it is dangerous and needs attention. He has also taken it upon himself to call up the local District Planning Office to ask their advise, they would not commit to a decision only suggested that perhaps planning for the work may be required. The lessee's actions are now going to result in a delay in the work, additional costs for an independent Surveyor to do a report on the wall, legal fees from a solicitor qualified to deal with this time of lease/section 20 notice/new tender process, where can I go to get the right advise? most landlord sites only seem to deal with residential lets, as we consider this property a commercial property we need specialist help. Any ideas please
19/10/2015 12:28

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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