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CCTV, lodgers, inside the house.

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I need clarity.
I have lodgers in my property without my agreement (property is jointly owned with soon to be ex wife) .she placed the lodgers in my flat although i have a court order to occupy.
I have installed CCTV on the stairs and outside my bedroom door and outside on the driveway. As i have already been assaulted by one lodger. They are covering my cameras and disconnecting them.
Where do i stand legally in regards to having CCTV inside my house. I have installed signs that they have removed. And damaged the wallpaper.
I am afraid for my life in my own home. How do i get them out and how do i prove to the police that i can have CCTV inside the house.
Please help as this is getting a bit out of control.
Thank you.

20/10/2019 13:52

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