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Dear RLA,

Yesterday Wayne advised me that as my tenant (Victoria) had moved in and given a deposit - even though she failed to return the contract - it was a de facto Periodic Tenancy and she was therefore liable for the rent until the new tenant moved in.
I informed Victoria but she replied as below. Please advise.

Thanks very much,
Carol Ajegbo

Dear Carol,

After speaking with you earlier I was concerned, so I contacted the National Land Lordsí Agency to ask what the protocol was when a contract had not been signed.

I was informed that as I had not signed a contract:

A) It had nothing to do with the Land Lordsí Agency,

B) Furthermore, if I had changed my mind before signing a contract I could not legally be held liable for rent while the room was re-rented,

C) I am not bound by clauses in a contract that I did not sign.

I presume this was in fact the information you also received.

In light of this, the original suggestion that I made to you still stands; I will accept £500 of my £700 deposit back for the inconvenience caused to yourself in having to find a new tenant. This you had done by the 8th October 2015, the day after I left the house on the 7th October 2015 (I have a dated text to confirm this if needed) and I presume a deposit from the new tenant was also secured on this day; therefore, I believe this arrangement should be acceptable to you.

My Account number is: 01379200

My Sort Code is: 110693

Please email to confirm that £500 of my deposit has been refunded to the above account. If this offer is not acceptable I will have to take the matter further, as no contract was signed.

As I was only in the house for 4 nights, did not actually sign a contract and the room was let again the next day, I trust this will now come to a speedy conclusion.

Thank you,



22/10/2015 10:58

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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