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We've been having some issues collecting the previous tenants deposit to cover part of the damages made. Unfortunately, the deposit was logged with the deposit scheme by the Estate agent so I don't have direct contact with the deposit scheme. Tenants moved in February 2017, in a July 2018 the lady contacted me that her relationship broke so the partner has moved out.She requested the tenancy agreement be changed to her name alone which I obliged to.

At the end of the tenancy in August 19 their were some major damages- broken front door glass, damaged garage door amongst other things.These damages would cost about £1000.Deposit is only £500.
The lady agreed that we use her deposit and confirmed to the Estate agent by email.

However, the agents contacted us few days later that they had to also get the consent of the partner that moved out since July 2018 because his name was on the original tenancy agreement which they have on their system.The partner replied to the Agent that he does not agree that the deposit be given to me.He also threatened to create damages worth £500 if we refuse to return the deposit.I find the Estate agents really unhelpful because they reported the damages to me so they are aware of the damages and the one that lived their till the end of the tenancy agreed to the damages. So I thought they should be able to contest this and present the case to the deposit scheme on my behalf. But they have refused to do anything and the deposit scheme company wouldn't speak to me. I've reported the threat to the police but I still have to collect the deposit.

Please can you advise how I could claim this deposit back?

Thank you very much.

22/10/2019 14:42

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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