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Section 8 pre completion advice

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I would be grateful for any advice regarding the best course of action for my pending section 8 Notice to my tenants of 3 years.
Tenant is consistently late with their contribution to housing benefit payments average 15 days every month. but never in arrears by more than this.
Tenant has breached their tenancy on numerous conditions, Pets without permission, changing locks without informing, not reporting damage, obstructing access for repair and maintenance (Potentially dangerous faults identified on Electrical Inspection) etc.
Tenant has neglected the property over the last 6 months the property is a tip, the dog has chewed door linings, skirting and architrave and damaged laminate floor throughout the property. Doors are removed, toilet is hanging off the wall etc.
Tenant has now become unresponsive, which I believe is due to my awareness of the dog and the above damage. I have explained that they are responsible for the dog damage repairs and asked them to meet with me to discuss a way forward for the damage, management of the dog, and to complete the outstanding rectification work from the electrical inspection but they keep cancelling or claiming non availability. I went to the property as a follow up to a request for availability to carry out electrical repairs but despite giving them any day over the next 2 weeks they refused on the basis of non-availability. I have warned them of eviction in writing previously based on late payment of rent, as I have to chase them every month but the damage and the unsafe electrics which they just seem to not care about has thrown me over the edge. I know Landlords experience much worse situations than this in terms of arrears but their complete disregard for the safe condition of the property is worrying. I don't want to evict them but I really feel that their actions leave me no choice.
Iím thinking that I should serve the notice now following all the guidelines on this site while they are also in arrears, my grounds would be 10,11,12&13. I have records of all the late payments and Facebook message printouts to confirm payment dates discussions, delays, obstruction etc. I have photographic evidence of the damage in the property and an EICR detailing electrical faults with pictures most of which are damage attributed to neglect.
Should I use all the grounds and do I have a good chance of gaining possession as I'm assuming they wont leave after the notice?
Any advice would be gratefully received.

22/10/2019 23:50

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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