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Statutory Periodic Tenancy Notice Requirement

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Please can you clarity the position on a Tenant's requirement to give notice once their tenancy has become a Statutory Periodic Tenancy.

My tenants wish to give notice as they are moving to a larger property, however they property is not yet available due to conveyancing etc but will need to give me notice to quit as some point.

The tenants pay rent monthly so does their 4 notice period need to expire on the anniversary of the date the rent is due ie if rent is payable on the 25th of the month is it a requirement that they have to serve notice from 25th October and vacate on 24th November - or - can they serve 4 weeks notice at any time during the month for example serve notice on the 12th November and vacate on 11th December therefore paying 22 days rent (25th November - 11th December)

23/10/2019 11:41

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