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I have a tenant in a shared accommodation who is currently in rent arrears of more than 3 months. He lost his job due to mental health issues and then said he was going to apply for housing benefit which he did but submitted the application incorrectly hence it was refused about 3 weeks ago. They told him to reapply but to date he has not.

His mother has tried to help him also but to no avail and I don't think due to his mental state he is capable of applying for housing benefit. He has been at the property for a good 5 years and has never been late with his rent or missed a payment until recently. He is currently refusing to communicate with his mother and with myself.

Please advise as I have never come across a situation like this before and I am also concerned about the effects on the other tenants. It is a 5 bedroomed licensed HMO with 4 other tenants also living there.



23/10/2019 13:57

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