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can i avoid penalties?

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Mark gibby
Mark gibby
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hello all
depite owning 11 properties i am embarressed (and very stressed..)to say most of my deposits are not properly protected. Although all were protected within 30 days only for one (because i emailed it to them..) do i have proof that i served the certificate and info pages within 30 days. I have one immediate problem on one flat that i want/need to serve a section 21 but if i return their deposit i "flag up" my error and invite them to sue me for this contravention. Any advice how i can extract myself from this and still get my property back?
Regarding the other properties as most of them have been running for over two years (three are over four years..) and none have had a rent increase (i know, dont say it..) i wondered if i could just issue a new tenancy agreement to each flat on the pretext of the rent increase giving me the opportunity to PROPERLY this time deal with the deposits. would this work? if not any advice how i can extricate myself? and of course my predicament with evicting a tenant who, even though it is protected, has never been served with a certificate?
Thank You
Mark M
29/10/2015 11:59

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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