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My tenant was due to sign a new agreement with me to start on 1.11.2015. She texted me yesterday and said "I have decided to not carry on living at [property address]. It is yours".
A cleaner attended the property yesterday and was surprised to note all her possessions had been moved out. A few things remain such as items in the fridge, an empty guitar case and a cycle on the patio; along with the normal detritus tenants tend to leave behind. Apparently all the furniture, bathroom content, kitchen contents and clothes have been removed. Notably the keys have not been returned.
I texted her today (she will not answer calls, emails or requests to meet; I have no forwarding address) asking her to confirm she has moved out and also stating i need to access the property tomorrow. The tenant replied "Hi, ok that's fine. The house is empty". I followed this up with "shall we meet to collect keys or have you left them in the property". The tenant did not reply.

Has she surrendered her tenancy?

Can I change the locks tomorrow??

I would really welcome your views on this.
29/10/2015 13:07

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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