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Our council tax dept are coming round to "assess and verify accommodation."

Up to now we have been expected to pay council tax for the whole house (separate AST's)and claim it back in rent(would never get any tenants if did this)but now it suits them to get more revenue from hard working people

Now all the self contained bits will be billed directly from council to tenant and the assessment is bound to be high as this council have real problems.

So as this is likely to be high the tenants will expect a rent decrease.

So once again life is getting increasingly difficult for Landlords

As I have always paid it direct myself have never been able to claim in between tenants,I understand its more expensive to have empty property than for me to move in when I am looking for new tenants.

Looks like I will keep moving

Just thought I would have a moan.

Also I guess I will have to have a caseworker to report all the start and finishing dates of tenants and guess its better not to have anyone on a periodic?

Anything else I will have to do as this is all new to me
Ie how will I know if tenants have paid the council tax,will the council let me know? thought not

Any tips welcomed
Think this will be starting early next year.
05/11/2015 13:45

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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