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Repeated late payments

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Hi, myself and my husband are joint landlords. We have been renting out our property for over 10 years and have had no problems. The most recent tenant has been there for over 2 years. She has been a good tenant overall. She is a professional lady who looks after the property well but she has been paying rent a few days late regularly. We have mentioned that if there is a problem occasionally we are ok with it a long as she tells us. She was ok for about 4 months but then 2 months ago she was over a week late but told us in advance. We weren't happy with this but reiterated she needs to sort out her finances so that whether her salary is received late or not she needs to ensure she has the cash to cover her rental payments on time. She said she would do so but again was late last month. Her reason being there was a mix up with the standing order. This month she called to say it will be a day late.

We have arranged a meeting with her to find out what is going on as it she seems to have some financial difficulty she is not telling us about. Can a s21 notice be given if rent is consistently late even if it is paid eventually?

29/10/2019 13:27

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