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Messy ending of tenancy update

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I posted the sorry tale earlier this year of a half hearted deed of surrender where the tenant handed the key back to her father guarantor for a bribe then 2 days later went to the council saying she was bullied. The council helped her defend my possession order application. The guarantor was miffed that I tried to charge him rent up to the expiry of possession order when he though the tenancy ended.

Yesterday I was at court hearing with guarantor. When I showed the judge the possession order and how the date of expiry matched my rent statement they were satisfied. The judge did not probe the details of the surrender. The guarantor was ordered to pay my 3k claim and paid in full the same day. The lesson is that PO trumps a botched letter of surrender....

Side note. I no longer take guarantees but have argued many times here that if you are willing to put in the extra labour then they do work. This was the most difficult guarantor I have had. Wealthy and well advised by one of the top local property solicitors. Guarantors are like tenants in that the clever/devious ones are harder work. But over the past 10 years I have dragged payment in full from 7-8 guarantors...I do not take new ones but still have 2 in place that I have to maintain...

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30/10/2019 09:04

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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