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Hi hoping for little advise.... I have a multishare property in Stevenage. The fees in the contract are:

Full management, 10% + VAT of the gross rent per month and this continues with tenants they found even if i cancel contract as long as they stay there.

£150 tenant finder fee.

Nothing about maintenance and receiving deliveries but I have just been told a new fridge is needed for £125 and want to charge £60 for arranging receiving it.

Is all of this legal as none of this disclosed on their website and according to this article:


They have to disclose everything on their website and nothing is on there. The contract doesn’t mention arranging delivery charges (or anything about maintenance).

I asked when signing the contract and was told that arranging things like maintenance was included in the management fee.

So my question is: Am I stuck with this charge and any others, should i complain to the council, do I have any way of getting out of this contract?

Thanks for any help!
13/11/2015 17:14

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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