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Council tax issue & Bankruptcy

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Renting flats at single occupation, separately rated and rented exclusive of bills. Council always billing us with council tax arrears on the flats for whether the period was occupied or not (even if occupied by students).
In the past, we have been giving the tenancy information to the council and matters were written off. But this time, they're asking for us to show them further information than tenancy agreements such as our rent books, to state whether flats are furnished or not and many other minor points which I see as just barriers to prolong the process. They commented that even after all the information, they may still not clear demands.

They have issued demands and we have tried to communicate with them as in the past, e.g. explaining they're separately rated, rented to students etc. but they are failing to communicate effectively and efficiently.

The council have taken us to the Magistrate court for Liability orders and we had proof to show that the flats were/are occupied and with tenant's student information and other tenancy documents, ready to dismiss the demands yet the magistrates refused to look at our paperwork stating that negotiation is to be done between me and the council and that the court is only present to assess whether the council have gone through the correct procedure or not in issuing their demands.
Liability orders are continuing to be issued and the council refuse to look at our proof or even to negotiate to clear, as they had done in the past.
From past experience I know that the following courts (county court) shall state that they cannot overrule past court judgments (the magistrate court), and so liabilities will flow through to bankruptcy.

I have been told that there are other remedies, are there any?

Would like some advice on how to tackle the situation. Have others experienced such problems with councils?
Is there anything we could do in fighting it from a harassment point of view?

It is up to the council to chase the tenants for their council tax and not to have the landlord as responsible, further more, in my case, around 90% of the accommodation is rented to students. We are willing to give proof of tenancies to the council (as in the past), but they are not willing to see it as being sufficient or even open minded for a discussion.

Any comments on the topic? Will be much appreciated. Anyone know of people to direct me towards for them to help?
15/11/2015 18:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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