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If anyone's thinking of using Openrent's additional services, think carefully. I tried to book a gas boiler service and safety certificate. I was able to request it and pay for it immediately online. But 2 days later, I still hadn't got a date or time for an engineer and the "original" engineer didn't have time to do the work. Nor could they tell me when I would get an answer.So we were back to square 1 with a new one. Openrent were useless; it's clear they just take the booking, farm it out and wait to see who responds. That's no good to either me or my tenants.

To be fair, they said they'll refund my payment, but that can take up to 5 days to come back!

The Openrent "customer service" people aren't bothered; as far as they're concerned it's a question of "oh, well then, never mind". They don't consider the inconvenience to the customer and to the tenant. I emailed the guy who started the company (I've used them for rentals since they first started) and got NO reply so he's clearly not bothered either. I don't think he realises that if he offers sub-standard value-added services, it's going to put people off his core offering. I won't be letting through them again.

Anyone else had the same experience?

06/11/2019 16:22

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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