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Is my empty rental property available to use

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I have several rental properties all under BTL mortgage arrangements. I am planning on moving abroad and I am informed that when my residency status changes I will need to fill in annual tax forms which will ask the question: do I still have a property in UK that is "available" for me to reside in? I will say no, because under terms of BTL mortgage I am NOT allowed to live there. Even if the houses are empty in between tenancies they are still not mine to live in or I am breaking my lender terms. However, I wanted to use some of my personal pension funds in 2 years to pay off mortgages on some of the houses as it is not so tax friendly to have a mortgage anymore. When there is no BTL mortgage tie, so no restriction, what can I do to ensure that I am legally able to still say the houses are still not "available" for me to live in?

06/11/2019 23:34

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