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I have a Court hearing due for a Section 8 eviction on 22/11/2019 with arrears in excess of 4 months rent. The tenant has said that he has moved out but there are still some belongings in the property which he says he will collect on Saturday (09/11/2019) and has sent two sets of keys to me whilst still holding the 3rd set to collect his belongings later!
Do I take the two sets of keys as surrendering his tenancy and, most importantly, if I do, then would I still be able to go to Court having already "taken possession" but pursue judgement for arrears? Would that be allowed by the Court?
He has refused to give me his forwarding address so any further Court action for the arrears would be difficult unless a Court is likely to accept his Social Media profile on Facebook as a place for serving any relevant notices.

Thank you.

07/11/2019 12:00

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