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Hi, looking for some advice.

I have a BTL flat which recently suffered a water leak that has ruined the carpets/flooring and parts of the kitchen units i am now in the process of getting these replaced. There was also some damage to the tenants personal belongings - I want to understand my legal and moral obligations here.

I have paid for and moved the tenant into a hotel (& paying for her breakfast) for what in total will be 2 weeks. Am i legally obliged to put her up in a hotel? pay for her breakfast? do i have to pay for her personal belongings to be replaced or (i would have thought) that her contents insurance should pay for these?

I have also had to empty the fridge and freezer of her food because the property had to be cleared out completely - do i have to/should i replace the food that went to waste?

I have had to use a dehumidifier to dry out the place, she is complaining that this will be using a lot of electricity and that she feels i should cover this expense?

Would appreciate your views on this? I feel like i have done the right thing at every opportunity, but now i feel like she is taking advantage of my goodwill.

Many Thanks

08/11/2019 14:03

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