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An unusual tenancy set up - advice needed

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Good evening everyone. Do you see anything wrong in the following scenario:

A divorced dad wants to help his grown up son & daughter, both of whom are miserable in their current rentals. He wants to rent a house that I have vacant at the moment for them all. It's a 2-bed house but they would use one of the downstairs receptions as a third bedroom

The occupants would be dad, son & daughter and her boyfriend (the last two sharing a bedroom).

How should I set this up? Dad, son & daughter on a joint AST? What should be done about the boyfriend?

Dad is an existing tenant of mine, currently living in a flat. He's 100% reliable, and he can vouch for his kids. The boyfriend is the unknown entity, and I don't want problems should things go wrong with him and his girlfriend. Could he be a permitted occupier? A lodger? Both of which I know nothing about.

Can I have 4 adults in a what is in fact a 2-bed house, albeit spacious?

Thoughts please 🙏

08/11/2019 21:15

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