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Responsibility for a tv aerial?

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Tenants moved in a couple of days ago. Today they said they can't get a tv signal. There's an aerial on the roof, the condition of which I don't know - it was there when I bought the property. The previous tenants never mentioned anything, and I don't know what they did to get tv.

The tenants seem to think that I should get the aerial repaired or have a new one fitted. Do I have the obligation to do that? There's no mention of tv provision in the RLA AST which I used. I don't think it occurred to anybody even to think about tv before the agreement was signed (it certainly didn't to me, as I haven't watched tv for 15 years).

I have searched for information and what I have found seems to suggest there is no legal obligation. Am I correct?

11/11/2019 17:59

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