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We have a house with 2 flats with very long standing tenants. We are in the midst of upgrading insulation in one flat to meet the minimum EPC requirements for next year.
However, the other flat is crammed with stuff, and the tenant is not at all keen to move stuff around to allow the work. Taking in large sheets of foamboard and plasterboard obviously requires clear access, space in the affected rooms and the ability to protect furniture etc in the room while working. This is going to require huge physical and mental effort by the tenant to declutter and move his bulky furniture and possession. In the past he has been very resistant to even minor requests like keeping the hall clear as a fire exit route.

Is it possible for the tenant to agree to non-compliance with minimum EPC regs on the grounds that he doesn't want the disruption? If so, does the assessment still need to be done?

Obviously if he left we would clear the place and do the work required to meet the regs, as we have elsewhere.


13/11/2019 04:11

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