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Possible never ending tenancy. Me too!!

You are here : Member Forums Possession - Section 8 and Section 21 Possible never ending tenancy. Me too!!
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Hi all
Iíve been referred to this website because I could very well soon find myself in the position of the case you are crowdfunding due to not being able to serve either section 8 or section 21.

A prominent landlord solicitor wonít serve a s21.

I have backed out of a s8 because of counter claims and I just wouldnít be able to afford any costs awarded
Possible deductions could take me under s8 threshold.
I am waiting to see if further claims come my way which they probably will as they are legal aid funded
Itís a very complex case by all accounts ( other forums)
Please be aware I am being intentionally vague

Also, yes I have been very vey silly and I understand that so please be kind

Iím hoping someone can help.

13/11/2019 10:26

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