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Advice - Adding an extra page that the tenant has received ALL relevant documents?

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Hi All

I am looking to let a property withing the next couple of weeks and want everything in place, including that the tenant has received ALL relevant documents so was thinking of adding an addendum/extra page.

I am in Wales so do not need to issue 'How To Rent' (i think it's named).

The tenant also has a large dog, can i add a 'one off' payment at the start of the policy?
Is it in the RLA 6 month AST?

I'm not sure sure how i would write or word the letter so maybe someone could advise (i have only used but thinking of the lines of

I 'insert name' the tenant of 'the property' have recieved the following documents in full on 'date'.

  1. AST
  2. EPC
  3. Gas safe Cert
  4. GDPR/ICO (not logged into this but joined when we had to so habe a number/ref and the 25 pages to print!!)
  5. Do i issue my Rent Smart Wales Details?
  6. The large poodle dog issue, as above is there a box for a one off payment, i was thinking £120

OR shall i just add £5 month to the monthly rent?.

As i stated i rarely right official letter/document, i use Windows notes, i have just installed Libre Office and was not sure what type of document i need to create?

Have i missed anything?
Is there a template on here for it or could somebody create one for me (i have no problem sending my details via a PM)

Thanks in advance.

13/11/2019 11:04

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