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Fire door replacement

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I had my property inspected by a fire safety officer prior to it becoming an HMO and the doors were either passed as fit for purpose to meet current FSO standards or - as in the case of the kitchen door which was required to be 1 hour fire resistant)-fitted with new. I was told the doors fitted to bedrooms qualified as meeting current regulations once fitted with self - closing mechanisms / signage and spy - glasses / door stops. A tenant has broken the door (though now claims his girlfriend broke it in order to avoid being charged for the replacement though doesn't seem to realise that as the tenant he remains responsible). A "chippy" he arranged has said it is NOT a fire door and stated that he will need to fit pressed steel hinges, intumescent strips and a thicker FD30 door and as he is a family friend of the Tenant suggests I will need to pay for the upgrade. I obviously require the replacement to adhere to FSOs and feel that although the tenant is required to replace like with like, that won't now do as I have been told although a door already fitted does not need to be replaced to meet regulations, should the need to replace the door arise, it must THEN be fitted with all of the above. If that is required, that is what is required and I feel that it is only fair that the Tenant who broke the door pays for this. I have searched high and low for the relevant Building regulations / FSO regs etc, but cannot find a definitive answer, all I have to go on is that I hold a Fire safety assessment certificate that says the door was assessed as meeting regs at the time. Can anyone point me in the direction of Building regs and Fire regs that demonstrate that existing doors fitted do not require upgrade unless they are re fitted and what the regulations are on bedroom fire doors? Thanks
11/12/2015 08:57

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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