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We have a young couple in one of our flats who are starting to cause us problems. They have a new baby, so they need to do laundry every day. However, they refused to use the dryer because it's too expensive, instead drying all the clothes indoors - surprise, surprise, condensation! We explained to them how to prevent condensation, but every was met with a problem - tumble dryer too expensive, couldn't open the windows because too cold/security, wouldn't put the wet clothes in the bathroom to dry because the fan keeps the baby awake. We bought them a dehumidifier but they complained that they have to empty it.
We've just called out an engineer because they said the dryer wasn't working, only to be told that it was fine, but that they were trying to persuade him to condemn it so it could be replaced with a new one. They also want a separate tumble dryer (currently have washer/dryer), though without removing kitchen cupboards there isn't anywhere to put one.
We've had our plumber check the pipework to make sure there are no leaks, now they want us to call out someone to check the exterior of the building because "the damp must be coming from there". Well this is a leasehold flat, so it's not actually our responsibility if there's an exterior problem, though really there isn't.
Two questions -
1) any suggestions about what else we can do to resolve this situation?
2) if we decide we've had enough, are we going to have problems getting rid of them or are we going to be accused of the "revenge eviction" because they've raised an issue, even if it is of their own making?
If it makes any difference, they've been there since May on an initial 6 month tenancy.
15/12/2015 13:16

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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