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HELLO everyone... just wanted to say to all the compliant hardworking diligent landlords out there.It's tough being tarred with the same 'dodgy landlord' label that non-compliant, farthing-pinching landlords out there do deserve.

I can't think of a year when so much bilge has been thrown about - about what actually constitutes a 'dodgy landlord'. They are an endangered species because of higher expectations & greater awareness from tenant customers. Google anything nowadays too & that helps.

I can't think of a year when I've looked with as much trepidation as I have now about being 'painted into a corner' by government legislation. The pendulum has swung too far to be returned to hang in the middle...on balance. Lettings agents have cart-blanche to rip everyone they have to be regulated fair enough. There hasn't been wholesale interference into their interface with clients,or customers.

My business is HMO students or YWP, they'll throw up hands in horror when presented with a 3 year contract & despite the 2 month 'get out' clause, will run a mile. Students like a 9 month contract which Uni Halls will still do so students will flock to fill those, to the detriment of private landlords. YWP will find non-compliant landlords doing short -term lets, or licences to occupy.

Be heartened that many of the members of both Houses are landlords & this may temper the Housing Bill that's the business of the day now. Also write to your MP with your views.

Few folk will tell landlords they do a valuable job in providing decent comfy homes to I'm doing it here. One,two three. All together now for a big PAT on the back. We ethical landlords can feel proud of what we achieve. Lets do more of that next year and foil those that jump on a populist bandwagon to de-cry us without good reason.

Peace & blessings upon you & upon your loved ones.
16/12/2015 15:01

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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