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Tennant Spending on Property

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Hi all,

Just need some quick advice, I am new to all of this and kind of dig myself a hole and now the tenant is frustrating me.

House belonging to my uncle who passed away was initially inhabitable, no heating, outdated and in need of a good clean and tidy up.

I had a plan in place to secure funding and do a full renovation prior to rental from top to bottom with everything new.

Neighbour next door to my parents bungalow was going through a separation and needing to sell their house.

House was offered as a last resort if they needed somewhere to rent, he asked to take a look then loved the house and the area and made it their first choice instead.

It was offered at reduced rent for 6 months because things needed doing and it wasnít 100%, so I did what I could to tidy it up and make it habitable, I put a new bathroom in with a shower, painted the main bedroom, lounge and hallway, new flooring in hallway, new plumbing and heating with hot water cylinder. But as it was on an accelerated schedule I didnít have all the money in place and was on a budget so just did as much as I could and what I could.. and plodded on to get as much done.

Then he started pressuring me because his house was completing and he didnít want it falling through, the buyers needed to be out of their house and was under pressure from their landlord, his wife was pressuring him for her half of the house sale etc.

So I wrapped things up to make sure it was left in a safe and clean condition but there was things unfinished, like hadnít got all the bathroom tiled and various other little bits and pieces.

But the rent was significantly reduced for 6 months to reflect this and right from the start when he first viewed it, that was explained it was lower and on an as is basis And I would do whatever I could to make it habitable.. which I did and did more than I originally anticipated.

Then he moved in and prior to moving in and after I repeated several times I would continue with the work as and when I could and that I accept responsibility for doing it.

Then somebody he knew came to the house, went inside to use the toilet and says to him ďIím a tilerĒ so after that he started insisting to get a price off him to tile the bathroom walls and he would pay for it.

Then next starts going on about getting price off same person to replace a wire fence at the back of the garden with panels and he would pay for it.

Then starts telling me how either he can pay for things and I can pay him back... or I keep the rent lower for longer because he spent an amount he quoted to me on his shed and curtains.

I wasnít happy and I refrained from expressing anger at him over it and re-iterated how I had run out of time due to him needing to move, rent was lower because things needed doing and that was known from the start by him etc basically everything which had been said previously.

Then I ended it with how I will from now on sort things out myself as and when I can as soon as possible. That was only a week ago.

Today he then sends me another message when I said I was going to try and paint the small room before Christmas, that he will pay his friend to paint the walls and get a carpet fitted (I had to remove the carpet as it was dirty and had mould).

Just feel like banging my head against a wall. Only a week ago I had this discussion with him and ended it with I will sort things out from now on... and a week later heís telling me heís going to pay his friend to paint walls and for a carpet... after telling me last week how I need to keep rent lower or pay him back as heíd spent X amount on his shed and curtains etc.

I wouldnít even mind paying him back but my issue with that is I have a tight budget to renovate multiple properties all in a similar inhabitable state... when I do things myself Iím only paying materials as I have a trade background, but if Im paying him back itís materials plus labour making things more expensive than they should of been and I also donít want to be in debt with no idea when I can pay him back or owing him large sums of money if he moved out or gets evicted.

I havenít asked him to do or pay for anything, I even reiterated that last week to him... heís doing it of his own free choice which I wouldnít have such a problem with if he doesnít do a repeat of last week telling me how much heís spent moving and getting settled and giving me an ultimatum on lower rent for longer or paying him back.

But at the same time I donít want to be nasty as Iím stuck with him for another 5 months and if I turn nasty he might turn spiteful in return and ruin an otherwise fine landlord tenant relationship. Just donít know what to say any more without loosing it and feel like banging my head against a wall going in circles.


18/11/2019 12:38

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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