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Dear Helpdesk, i require some clarification regarding the n5b and validity of my section 21 form.

1. The RLA AST agreement commenced on the 1st Nov 2013 and ended 31st October 2014, thereafter it has been on statutory period(periodic tenancy)

2. I issued section 21(4) using RLA notice on the Thursday 29th October 2015 by hand through the letterbox and i have taken a digital photograph of letterbox. The Notice expiry date is 31th December 2015. (Please confirm if this date is correct)
Please note there are two landlords however only i have served this notice to both tenants and only my name on the section 21(4)- IS THIS OK

3. On the n5b court form i require a bit of help.

firstly, even though there are two landlords can only one landlord be the claimant. IS THIS OK

secondly, section 7 regarding deposits and prescribed information.

(iii) The claimant gave to the defendant and anyone who paid the deposit on behalf of the defendant the prescribed information in relation to the deposit and the operation of the TDS on (DATE)

The prescribed information was giving on the 15th November 2013 but also given at the start of the periodic tenancy which was 1st November 2014.

My question is which date do i put in. The date of which the prescribed info was given which was at the start of the fixed term AST OR when it became statutory periodic.

Do i need to send the court a copy of the prescribed info also.

Thank You Kindly for you help.

Btw totally opposed to the new Taxation on BTL Landlords if anyone has any suggestion it would be great.

04/01/2016 18:28

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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