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A question about Section 8 and the gas and electricity supply

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Hi all,

I was wondering if any experienced landlords can offer me some words of advice. I've got a couple living in my house. One of them is a 3rd yeat student and the other is in fulltime employment. The rent covers the property, utilities, insurance, TV licence, and council tax. For this provision I charge a higher rental rate than I normally would be able to for a property in that location. It's a higher personal risk to me in that if the tenants don't pay the rent then I'm financially liable to still make payments to the council and a variety of companies each month even if no rental income is being received. The reward is that if rental income was received then I'd make slightly more money each month if I didn't offer what I currently do.

I think you can probably guess what happened next. There was a 50% reduction in the rent in the first month that they moved in because that was classed as a summer month because one of the tenants is still a student, and the tenants where sourced through a student housing association so the 50% rent in a summer month is a stipulation of their's. That payment went through fine. There then wasn't any payment received in September where the rent goes back up to 100%

A 50% payment was then received in October, and another 50% payment received in November. However, I did make the tenants fully aware in August when they moved in that the rent is 100% from September. They are over 2 months in arrears in terms of money owed so I will be serving a Section 8 tomorrow on the Grounds 8, 10, and 11.

In the AST addendum which they signed an inspection is due every 3 months and they have repeatedly rescheduled the inspection, even just 1 hour before it was due to take place. They've also given me dates and times to do the inspection, and on those 2 occasions when I've visited nobody has answered the door. One of those times was yesterday evening but there was no answer even though the lights and the TV were switched on. I was also due to collect the arrears on those 2 occasions.

I think I'm correct in being able to issue a Section 8 but could one of you very helpfuly people confirm, and also do I put both the tenants names on a single Section 8, or do I provide each tenant with a Section 8? Additionally, I'll be serving them a Section 21 in about 2 1/2 weeks time.

Also, I don't want to do this as it's quite unpleasant but feel that I need to ask a question around it. As they've given me the runaround so much over the past couple of months which has caused me a considerable amount of stress both personally and financially, can I request from the supplier of the gas and electricty to cut the supply because I'm paying fot it and it's in my name? I'd rather not do that but would consider it if it was a viable option.

I feel slightly crushed by all of this as I've been treated in such an appalling way by the tenants.

Thanks for any help provided.

24/11/2019 13:03

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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