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I brought another house on the 1st November. I have landed myself in a mess.
The Tenant was on a periodic tenancy from the last landlord. She had agreed to leave the property as she had been allocated a council flat. unfortunately the new flat would not be ready until end of November early December, she was also heavily pregnant due at Christmas.
She asked me if she could stay until end of January so the move would be straight forward, I agreed to let her stay and she would pay me the rent. I did not do a Tenancy agreement because she was only staying a couple of months. I would not have her as a Tenant in the normal course as she would not have passed my checks, also the house is only a two bedroom and there is now six living there.
I went to see her on the fourth and she informed me that the council accommodation still was not ready for her to move in, and being a two bedroom flat she now considers it not big enough.
I did have a form from the council, which I did send back informing them that I did not want them to remain and get moving.
How do I get out of this mess as I have a Tenant waiting to go in there, who is going to pay more and is an employee.
07/01/2016 09:21

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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