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Changing Utility suppliers without consulation

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I wonder if anyone else has had issues with a letting agent changing utility suppliers without consultation with you (the Landlord). I have three buy to lets and have used the same letting agent for the last two properties only for introduction, I management them myself. I was horrified to get a call from my utility supplier asking why I was moving away from them. I had not authorised this I had not been approached by the letting agent. I blocked the move but Spark applied again and after an hour on hold with Spark I discovered that they had taken over the electric on the 1st January and I could not have the supply return to my preferred supplier as I had a tenant in the property now; they moved in on the 2nd January. I had to escalate the matter up the chain with long pauses between each person I spoke to and had to threaten legal action to get things sorted. I contacted the letting agent and they said it was company policy to change all utility services to Spark energy even if they were not contracted to manage it. The worrying thing is a spoke to a friend who lives 60 plus miles away and had used a different letting agent and they had the same issue. How legal is this? why is this happening? and who are Spark energy?
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09/01/2016 08:29

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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