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Stair Balustrading

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HI, I have a single let premises that is was formerly let as an HMO, but is no longer an HMO.
Built around early 20th Century.
The Council did an inspection for licensing whilst it was still an HMO.
In that report they highlighted a few items needed that apply to HMO standard requirements and a few other items.
They have accepted that these HMO requiremnent no longer apply.Amongst some other requirements, eg treating damp ingress from blocked gutter etc which we are attending to.
However, one of them was that balustrading gap should be no more than 100mm.
I contend this is for an HMO seeking a new license, and that the age of the building did not have this standard at the time of construction, it is not a Health and safety risk, as there is balustrading and handrail to the stairs present, its just not at modern building regs standard and so this is not relevant to a single let.
Any thoughts?

29/11/2019 13:11

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