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We bought a property which was not well looked after . We worked on it and made everything new from kitchen , bathroom , floors , walls and floor tiles , many windows ( not all ) and upvc cladding , new stair carpets , new handrails etc , done loft insulation and also called people for cavity wall insulation , my tenant moved in end of August 15 , she was moved out from my another 3 bed property where she lived for a year and it was brought in same standard after purchase and no signed of mould or damp , everything was smooth but she was looking for a bigger place so moved in my 4 bed in end of August 15,
Around mid Dec , she phoned my builder as spotted a mould , builder treated it ( it was under the cupboard in the kitchen , underneath the sink) and builder filled it gap , and told her to call him if it reappears ,
12 th Jan , she texted the builder that mould has come back and sorry for leaving it too late for 2 weeks, it was 8:30 at night , builder phoned him and offer to come but she said nothing urgent , so he arranged it for today - Saturdat 9:30 am , apparently builder is saying that he tried to call The lady but she don't pick up the call but she said she waited for him up to 10:30 but there were no signs of him , I was nt even aware of timing but when builder told me about 10:30that she is not responding , I tried to call her but no luck but then I send message on Facebook and I had reply immediately saying sorry I waited all that long , but he didn't come , then start sending me pics and I replied that until we can get acces , we really can't do much but she was on and on for he didn't come and she is so busy and I was saying about the access and told her that whatever time you are back let us know ( by the way builder , I and this property is in 5 min distance ,if not it's less than that ) but she was on about her personal life and in mean time builder was calling her but she don't pick up any calls , she responds to facebook chats only , she was claiming that due to damp and mood in a property , her youngest son has respiratory track infection and was hospitalised during Christmas and she has now chest infection , my reply to that was until we see the reason for the cause of mould we can't do much further , she wasn't much interested in giving access , so then I wrote , next Saturday we need whole day access to property , she was on about what you are going to do whole day ? You want me to go out in this weather and all , in end I was fed up and said look this is my last text - we need access to look after our property , i won't Facebook you , if u need help the pick up the phone , she still sent me message and pic - how my builder treated the mould last time ( which was a picture of outside wall - where he filled it with foam )I didn't respond and in mean time builder took a chance to go near by her house and then she let him in , she agreed with builder about access for next sat but 9/10 times she is out and most prob she will be fussy and won't let us in to sort it out , all I know that she has 4 kids and she is drying all the clot thin on a radiators , when I spotted last time she said okay I will remove it , she has sent me 3 pics and she blames me that I know everything before she moved in ....
It was a coincidence that the property she used to live in , is being vacated on this week so in a good faith , by text I offered her that if you want to move into your old house , you can move by this week end and pay the rent what you use to pay if you are dissatisfied , but her reply was no chance , just want you to sort out mould !
I have never come across this side of her , all I knew at one point she was biding for council house , is that her trick to get something from council ?
I of course want to look after my property and do everything legal , any advice for me please ?

16/01/2016 23:40

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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