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RLA AST tenancy was issued on 21st March 2013 for 12 months. It is running on Statutory periodic tenancy since. Rent to be paid 4 weekly in advance however, HB paid 4 weekly in arrears. I want to serve 21(4) to be on the safe side. I can not figure out the dates. If he had paid in advance, his rent would have been due on 4th January 2016 for 4 weeks.(it would have covered the rent till 31st January 2016) Because I have to give 2 months notice and keep to the rent date, I am a bit confused. Should I use when the HB pays me the rent (in arrears ) or what it states on the agreement (in advance) If I use the advance am I correct in saying the date I should use to say I will require possession After 31st March ?. Could I serve this now or do I have to serve it on the last day before his new 4 weeks rent is due. If I serve it on the last day then it would be 31st Jan which is a Sunday and I am told one cannot serve any legal notices on a Sunday. I was hoping to serve it to him on Monday the 25th January. Please advice. Thank you in advance
20/01/2016 23:54

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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