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As an accidental landlord I started to rent out my home to a family for the first time in October 2015 using a letting agent on a 6 month AST, total management option. Although a long standing letting agent, they were not contactable over a weekend when the tenants tried to contact them due to a bust pipe in the loft which, due to the delay, caused severe damage. I am intending to return to the property and make it home again in the next three or four years so it is important I keep it well maintained. The tenants have suggested the agents make them feel `inferior` and I seem to be the one the tenants contact directly to get things sorted, which I seem to do far more efficiently than the agents anyway. Please tell me the best way to say goodbye to the agents (they say they need 2 months notice although it is not mentioned in their contract?). At the moment I am paying them and I am managing the property. I really would like to keep the tenants though. The current tenancy is up at the end of April and therefore I am wondering whether to give the agent their notice at the end of February to coincide with the end of tenancy, or should I let the agents renew and then terminate? I am not confident with the renewal of the tenancy although it seems fairly straight forward as I have been doing my homework and it seems sensible if I am going to take over to do it all at the start of the new tenancy. Will I be able to obtain/offer the tenants all the legal requirements if I manage it on my own and prepare the AST myself (with a bit of help from the RLA). I am happy to attend a course if that means I meet all the requirements/legalities. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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