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Julie D
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I have a tenant where the 6 month lease is running out Dec 15th and I prepaid a 6 month renewal but he is saying he would rather not sign this as would like to be able to leave in 30 days if need be.

I have another male tenant who is causing issues playing music above his room. I've given him a written warning about things he is doing. As much as I understand where the other tenant is coming from I'm not happy about not having an end date for any tenant.

Does it affect me as a landlord if I need to get a tenant out if he just stays on a roll over lease or should I insist on him signing the renewal? I have added to the lease that I am willing to release him with 30 days written notice rather than holding him to the full 6 months' term.

Regards Julie Davies

09/12/2019 09:21

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