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Lodger hid my personal post

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I have a female lodger living in my property, her contract expires in March 2020. The current situation is that I do not trust her because whilst I went away for 5 days leaving her alone in the house, she picked up my post which had been delivered by Royal Mail and hid it away from me for 12 days. I had no idea that this had happened until she put the bundle of my post on Sunday night by the door and I asked her if she had put it there to which she replied that she had, and said that she had not realised that the post was addressed to me. Basically I returned to the house 8 days ago and it has taken her all this time to give me my post when she should never have taken it away in the first place. There were envelopes marked P&C as well as marked "Open Immediately" plus a magazine which I receive quarterly.
I feel that this is a breach of a clause in the contract which states under obligations of the Licensee: "not to do or permit to be done in the property anything which is illegal or which may be or become a nuisance, annoyance, inconvenience or disturbance to the Licensor or to the other residents of the property, etc etc.
At the same time the contract states under "Termination" that the licence to occupy will end on the earliest of: a) March 2020, b) the expiry of not less than 7 days notice given by the Licensor to the licensee if the licensee breaches any of the Licensee's obligations contained in clause 3;...........etc.
There are reasons for me to believe that she did this with malice as she was bothered about the fact that she was left alone in the house as it transpired through emails that we exchanged during the days when I was away and I even said to her that I was ok to release her from the 6 month contract so that she could find alternative accommodation to her liking somewhere else. I have no witnesses as to what has taken place here with regards to my post as it is only her and me in the property and whatever legal notification I give her would be done by email (and hard copy by hand but without a witness). She is out working during the day so she is not here to receive a royal mail signed for delivery. Also she spends at least 3 nights away at her boyfriends and his parents' address. Any suggestions about how to deal with this matter?..If I give her 7 days notice for breach of her obligations, I have nothing to prove that she withheld my post (if she was to lie or deny it). Should I grin and bear it until March 2020 when her contract expires?......Incidentally this matter has made quite an impression on me because she seemed a gold plated lodger: Civil servant, steady income, previous landlords references available, cleared after herself in the kitchen. Rent was paid on time. It has truly put me off completely from renting a room again, and I feel this is the first and last lodger that I will ever undertake. I simply cannot live happily with someone who has hidden my personal post from me in my own house.

09/12/2019 11:42

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