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Tenant refuses to use heating - house freezing, black mould & damp

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Hello, I have a 3-bed HMO with students. I have just done the first quarterly inspection of their tenancy and discovered the house is freezing cold, the wall thermostat showed 10 degrees centigrade, and the house is damp, really cold, and black mould/condensation is appearing. I have discussed this with them but they say they don't want to put the heating on.

I'm interested to know from fellow members if they have found a solution?

RLA have confirmed there is no legal means I can force the tenants to use the heating. And I can't find much on the internet that offers GOOD landlords the means to ensure that tenants have to keep the property with background warmth during the winter to prevent damp & mould from kicking in.

There is a lot of legal texts that stipulate landlords to provide heating that will provide winter warmth between 18-21 degrees centigrade. But nothing on tenants to do so. For instance the HHSRS government documentation manual has a whole section in Appendix 2, detailing the hazards to tenants if landlords don't provide heating & damp/condensation/mould free habitation etc.

Also, for the RLA team: isn't it time to start thinking about making/lobbying for tenants' responsibilities to be clearer and equal to landlord responsibilities? Because I am sick and tired of everyone talking about "bad" landlords.

09/12/2019 11:50

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