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Landlord repairs to flat below my property

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Newport Newby
Newport Newby
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  1. Can the NEW owner of an adjoining property to mine claim for the costs of water damage that happened prior to him purchasing his property .

I have nevr seen proof or pictures of the damage dispite requesting these - but there was a leek from the bathroom of my property some time ago - but I was not able to claim on my insurance - but was instructed that the adjoining property shold claim on theirs ..(we all the same insurance provider in the block).

The previous owner told my agency ( I have in writing ) that he would cover the cost. Now he has sold the property on and the current owner is pursuing these costs from me again ...Is it not a case of sold as seen?

  1. Can I be billed for and held liable for work on a neighbouring property that I have not agreed to nor accepted liability ?


18/12/2019 08:50

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