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I've got paid ads up on spareroom for vacancies for rooms in shared houses.
Again, I've had replies from persons purporting to be hotly interested in same-can they view.
The clue that they are not altogether kosher is they want a long-term let on a guaranteed rent basis for between 3- 5 years.

The messages are generic, they all look similar & refer 'your property' when obviously i'm advertising just ONE room in each
I replied to one suggesting they stop the pretence & trade transparently in the Finance world because they are trying to entice landlords into a dodgy arrangement of 'get 'em in & pile 'em high' in each of the properties they take over. Surprisingly one of the scammers replied to abjectly apologise & he thought quite innocently 'it was 'ok' to trade in this way to reel in accidental landlords'. Oh, is there no depths these sharks will sink to?

Want to make a fast buck off anybody's property. I've had experience of how these charlatans work & if we think that Agents are sharks, then these 'middlemen' are the Orca's in this particular ocean.

For the benefit of newbies; Landlords are persuaded to let to say a 'business partnership' on a long-lease. They look out for drab properties & absent landlords who are pleased to offload.
The partnership change the property to house more adults than the LL ever envisaged. H&S out the window, Licence conditions out of the window, extra wear & tear not covered by the discounted rent demanded at the 9th hour by the partnership.

LL horrified by condition & alterations made to each room when they take it back after the fixed term ends.YES,they've had a guaranteed rent for 3-5 years..from a 'flop house' set-up that they had no idea about. Two split into 4 bedrooms, 3 beds house split into 6 bedrooms,etc. Pile 'em in , stack 'em high scenario.

Overseas, newbies, or absent landlords are akin to the shoals of fish preyed on. Large terraced sturdy houses just outside CC's as mine are & sat near major M/w junctions , are similar to the red 'chub' in the water that attracts the sharp-finned predators.

Be warned that 'all that glitters, isn't gold' even if it's a 3-5 yr contract being waved in front of you.
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11/02/2016 10:45

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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