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I have recently had cause to call my insurance when the tenant of one of my properties advised me of cracks appearing in the building and also that the conservatory was moving away from the main building in one corner.
The building was inspected by the insurers surveyor and it was found that the trees around the property were the cause, a tree report was commissioned and several trees were felled and trimmed to arrest the movement. The engineer acting on the surveyors report has come back and said that the building will be repaired but not my conservatory. I was told the conservatory is moving due to settlement not subsidence as it is on a slab and not proper trench footings. I have contested this as the insurance states all out buildings, sheds, fences, driveways and patios are covered if part of the same subsidence claim. My view is that this conservatory has been there for 20 years without movement of any kind and now the Bungalow is moving it too is moving which can not be a different cause (can it?) Some of the trees removed were close to the conservatory which also makes me think it is subsidence and not settlement.
Any views would be appreciated as I believe the conservatory to be one of the most expensive parts of the repair.

19/12/2019 10:34

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