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Hi all.

One of our very excellent tenants, who has been in the property for a few years, has recently complained of mice. I know normally this would be down to them as there wasn't an issue when she moved in however the house is always spotless, she uses a proper bin, doesn't have food lying around etc so we agreed to help her with it.

We called the council exterminator who was worse than useless only putting out one bait station in the living room and when that didn't do anything actually told our tenant just to "throw some poison up in the loft and wherever else you think" - which considering she has a young child I thought was a bit irresponsible!

So then we got 6 bait stations (lockable) and put them around various places where she had seen a mouse - trying to put them on runs or in areas she said had seen them. The problem is they aren't taking the bait at all.

The neighbouring property is a disgrace. It is filthy, the garden is overgrown with lots of rubbish strewn around; The council are not interested unless its a welfare issue of the tenant of that property and the landlord isn't interested because he gets his rent regardless and never does inspections or repairs etc...

The tenant is getting a bit fed up and I don't want to lose a good tenant over this but short of buying her a cat I really don't know what else to do!

So any suggestions/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Christmas to all our fellow Landlords and hope the next decade brings us some relief from the ever increasing legislation!

19/12/2019 15:43

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