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Setting up as a letting agent

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Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to read this.

I'm making the transition from managing my own portfolio to setting up a dedicated lettings agency and currently in the business plan / research stage.

I am a dab hand at web design and SEO etc so thats all covered, no shop just online only and in a thriving rental market that i haven't seen any sign of stopping in the 10+ years ive been a landlord.

So my projected costs for start up minus advertising so far are very low.

Imagine my horror to find out a subscription to rightmove costs circa £1000 a MONTH!!!

How the hell did the start ups get past this huge hurdle? if anyone out there can share insight on ways round this horrific cost then im all ears. I was expecting a per ad cost of £100 for example which would have been reasonable.

i dare say i wouldn't need RM at all, but its all about perception and i am going to struggle to compete i fear by not listing with them.

28/12/2019 01:35

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