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Freeholder Sublet registration fees

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My lease for a flat in Riverside Exchange, Sheffield contains the following clause which the management agent, E&M is using to justify registration fees of £95 for an AST. IANAL but my reading of the clause leads me to conclude that it is referring to registration of any documents which affect the lease title resulting in disposal to others or taken as security for mortgage loan etc; and renting of property under AST agreements is outside of this. Grateful for advice on whether I can challenge E&M on this.


Within one calendar month after the date of any and every assignment transfer mortgage charge and under-lease (including any immediate or derivative underlease) of the demised premises for any term assignment of such underlease or grant of probate or letters of administration order of court or other matter disposing of or affecting the demised premises or devolution of or transfer of title to the same to give or procure to be given to the manager notice in writing of such dealing aforesaid with a certified copy of the instrument effecting any such dealing and also mto pay or cause to be paid at the same time to the manager such reasonable fee appropriate at the time of registration in respect of any such notice examination of documents and registration affecting the demised premises provided always that in the case of a contemporaneous transfer and mortgage the fee should be payable on one of such matters.

01/01/2020 14:23

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