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Eviction query

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Eviction Query
Eviction Query
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I issued a section 21 early Sept 2019 with a 2 month notice for possession on 11th Nov 2019 as I wish to sell the property. The tenant is still in situ.
She underwent an operation in September for a cancer and is now being assisted by the local housing association, I now believe she is claiming UC.
She has now started to get in arrears and within a few days she will be 2 months and a bit in arrears. I realise the section 21 notice is valid for 6 months and I now want to get the ball rolling. I am undecided whether to go for an accelerated possesion order, or claim the rent arrears at the same time, I realise if I include the latter it takes a lot longer.It was also suggested to me that I could suggest to the housing association (whom I have already talked to on the phone) that if she agreed to have the payments paid direct from UC then I might give her some extra time in the property. I have also heard that if she is 2 months in arrears then I could apply to have the payments paid direct to me anyway. At the back of my mind I am mindful that the tenants health might be used as a get out clause.
On this subject, I have no proof of her health or otherwise, she lied so much on previous issues so I fear she may use this a way of staying put.
I'm in a bit of a quandry as to what to do, so any advice would be most appreciated.
I'm sure all the paperwork is up to date and there are no outstanding repairs, also I have demonstrated empathy in writing regarding her alledged health issues.

02/01/2020 18:43

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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