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The RLA has in the past taken Salford LA to task about the arrogant manner they introduced Selective L Licencing to many areas of Salford. Licences were first rolled out in 2011. In Jan 2016 some in some areas were re-newed. I [ not a fan of the utterly useless scheme] waited for the highway- robbery demand to pop through my letter box. Meanwhile I read the precise points the RLA put to the said LA & amazed at their generic replies to the erudite RLA.

I'd had frustrating replies to the same questions I'd posed to 'the powers' about their lack of justification for 'a hammer to crack a nut' situation. They did it because they could & given that every house coming on the market had hordes of potential buyers, their argument of 'low demand' was a huge con. Statistics can prove anything though & they had enough of those to start a card school. 35 folk replied to the initial consultation & the LA replicated replies to the enth degree to suggest hat the number of replies were greater than they were.

Flawed evidence then allowed the Selective Licencing Scheme to be rolled out strongly supported by Manchester LA. 5 YEARS ON Manchester has ceased the SLL saying it's a flawed unjustified model. Salford ploughed on as Landlords are cash cows.

I didn't get a demand for the fees for my new Licences for Charlestown/Kersal area & wondered if the RLA's strong voice of challenge had any effect on the scurrilous scheme. I looked on line for info..non available.

I phoned today as I suspected that as a 'thorn in the side of the LA' I'd be the last person they'd contact. The officer told me they had no plans to issue new Licences to landlords with properties in the said area. The officer was flabbergasted to hear my thoughts on my disappointment that as an Accredited Landlord for 10 years & a Licenced Landlord for 5 & supposedly in a partnership with the LA.....i'd not been informed of the LA's decision.
The LL team officer couldn't understand WHY I needed to know if or not the SL scheme was, or was not going ahead. Partnership with landlords...what a hilarious concept that seems. I've seen no evidence of that in 5 years & the callous manner I was spoken to today just confirmed my previous experiences.
The officer was very surprised to learn that [putting the lack of common courtesy aside] I would need prior notice if a demand for 3.5k for L Licences dropped thru my door. The officer was astonished to learn that I'd have appreciated an email to tell me that LL was not being re-newed in January 2016. He said there were no plans to inform landlords that Selective Licences were not being re-newed.

I really believe that the precise challenge expertly put together by the RLA had the desired effect. So a massive well -done to all those involved.
I'm not against regulation, on the contrary. I'm against harassment of decent landlords, eaten alive by LA's just because they have the power to steam-roller them flat on the tarmac.
Thank you for supporting my argument against blanket Selective Licencing which served to chase chaste landlords, whilst totally ignoring criminal landlords.

Big pats on the back all round.
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01/03/2016 01:30

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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