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I'm not sure whether I should ask any of these questions separately or not; please excuse me if I've gone the wrong way about this. Below is a selection of questions I have for a property based in the Camden Council area. Obviously feel free to respond to any specific topic or ask any questions;

Obviously the purpose is to reduce the Council Tax liability on the property. There are numerous flats ‘attached’ to a main property which I think is regarded as an annexe. It share a single address and the ‘flats/bedsits’ etc have a separate entrance to the main property.

1. The Valuation Office used “Bedsit 1, 2, 3, etc” in it’s cover letter header whilst “Flat” was used further down; the Council Tax form used “Flat”. I believe there is another qualification called “Self-contained unit”. Given that each “flat” is essentially a single room (with included kitchen amenities, fridge, cooker and sink)) with an independent and separate bathroom (toilet and shower) what would be the cheapest and best option to file regarding council tax?
2. Can the landlord fill in the tenant’s details and file the council tax form? Who is liable for the council tax if the tenant doesn’t pay and then vacates the property [how does this work if the tenant is from overseas?]. Pat tenants have been Japanese students on a work visa who wouldn’t have a clue how to fill out an individual council tax form
3. Is council tax due if the “flat” is vacant – which leads to the question on setting up monthly payments for the other “flats”.
4. Essentially there are 7 separate units that have been occupied [single occupancy] at various times and have often remained vacant. What is the council tax situation in these cases? Given the rooms have been upgraded to meet safety standards in the last year can this money be used to offset and past/current/future council tax?
5. Tenants were given very simple single page contracts that pretty much stated the duration of the contract and the amount per month which included “all bills included”. Extensions were often just verbal agreements.
6. Regarding the Valuation Office letter – it stated the “effective date of alteration” was August 2015. Would this mean that they would be seeking “back council tax”? Can the official start date be when the various forms are filled in. and sent to the council tax offices?
7. Can the landlord plead ignorance re the council tax situation as he/she was unaware separate filings were needed as they were always under the impression council tax was paid on a property and not individuals.
8. How likely are the council to contact the tenants directly? Can they just refer to the landlord?
01/03/2016 10:56

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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