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I have purchased Buy to Let property a year back. I had initially communicated to the Freeholder (A) and they confirmed on email that "are no restrictions contained within that would restrict you subletting your property and as such the Freeholders Consent is not required".

Now its been taken over by Freeholder (B) who is now demanding sublet consent fee of £95. I did write to them mentioning the confirmation I received from previous Freeholder (A) that no consent is required. But they responded back with referring to the below clause and is requesting the payment

"Not at any time during the term, grant any under-lease of the whole or any part of the Demised Premises save that and under-lease of the whole of the demised premises is permitted with the prior written consent of the Manager or its agents(such consent not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed) and also to pay or cause to be paid to the Manager such reasonable fee at the same time as the granting of every such consent"

Is there any possibility of not paying sublet consent fee based on previous confirmation I received or there is no way to avoid it. Please suggest.


08/01/2020 08:38

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