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Advice needed.
Am concerned that an elderly lady in a fully furnished flat (converted house) who has been diagnosed with onset dementia, may be a liability to herself and others.

She has had a number of hospital stays due to falls, small strokes and delirium. A new regime for care professionals to call more regularly will start today.

My concern is that her memory is inconsistent, does not remember the use of the Care Call pendant and judging by some of the pots and pans, forgets items left on the gas stove. The smoke alarm system has been upgraded as a precaution.

An informal risk assessment would suggest the need to change appliances for ones that auto switch off, place gateways at the top of stairs, etc.

She has been a tenant for 7 years

Should she be asked to find alternative accommodation?
How would insurance companies view any claim should there be a fire, especially as her condition is known?
Should I be converting the property to accommodate her issues?

What are a landlords responsibilities to vulnerable tenants?
04/03/2016 09:09

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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